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Re: lock 1 gate for multiple users / multiple locks
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I think the product displayed in the press release is rather promising, and it seems to meet the particular criteria you had. Locking 1 gate with multiple locks is a good way to bolster your security and limit the access that people have to it. However, I often see people neglecting other important perimeter security considerations because they have installed one secure lock. I say this time and time again - you cannot neglect to build your security in layers. This means that there always has to be security measures stacked onto other security measures, and this is very important in the access control world.

If you install locks similar to the ones in the press release you shared, you should always pair them with other security solutions. Personally, I think surveillance cameras, security fences, security gates and alarm systems are great tools to use in conjunction with your locks. Retrofitting your security gates to work with access control locks really helps. A great resource I read discussed some considerations for perimeter security, and I think that it really outlines how to make your access control points much more secure.

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I think it needs a new control board.

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